Global Business Funding Group (GBFG) provides sophisticated capital options to middle market companies located throughout the United States. We make principal capital investments for growth, management buyouts and majority recapitalizations and also consult with other businesses to help them achieve their goals whether that is growth, financings or an exit.

GBFG is unique in its ability to provide a full range of solutions to middle market companies. We are entrepreneurs too, having built, operated and sold over a dozen of our own companies and helped on $ billions for others—from acquisitions or sales to IPO’s. GBFG’s proprietary process is highly confidential, sophisticated and gets the job done. That’s what we do.

Contact Us for a confidential discussion regarding the way we might help you or your business.

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Private Equity Forecast: Big PE at the Peak. Rise of the AIP’s

by Alan Braverman, CEO

Where do PE returns go from here? The answer from this detailed market analysis and forecast, is simple. It depends where and how you invest. If you seek to do what many institutions and family offices have done over the last few decades—successfully in most cases I might add—then we expect you to chalk up poor results in the future. Just because a strategy was successful in the past, doesn’t mean it will be successful in the future. In this case—it won’t be.

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