If the market seems like it’s awash with capital…but you can't seem to find any…you aren’t alone. The market is one of “haves” and “have-nots”. Most businesses are in the “have-not” category…but not because they aren’t good businesses, worthy of investment. But rather because they simply don’t know what information investors want or how to provide it to them. As seasoned investors with decades of experience operating, running, funding and exiting businesses---we do.

We consult with companies and help them with their capital raise needs. Usually, the first thing companies need is a professional business plan.

For clients who “make the grade,” GBFG offers Capital Raise Services. These clients engage GBFG to help them with their efforts to raise growth capital, gaining access to the company’s extensive proprietary investor network – which includes angel investors, venture capitalists, family offices, other private equity investors, and merger & acquisition firms. All of them seek deals that have been “vetted by Global Business Funding Group”.

Capital Raise Services clients also gain the personal efforts of GBFG’s principals and senior analysts. This brings a #1 Wall Street analyst, a renowned serial entrepreneur & investor and a group of senior experts onto your team – all working to close on the growth capital you seek.

We provide Capital Raise Services to clients in most industries.

We can be especially helpful to growth-stage businesses. Those companies face serious challenges in the highly competitive search for growth-capital. They need Wall Street expertise, but often cannot accommodate the $100K+ retainers. GBFG brings to smaller and mid-market firms the merchant banking services they need, including senior Wall Street expertise and connections – at a fraction of Wall Street’s retainers.

Please note GBFG works with a registered broker-dealer affiliate.

To talk about GBFG’s Capital Raise Services for growing and mid-market businesses, contact us today.

Our company was a growing insurer in the life insurance business in two states with a desire to move into other states. Our goal was to move into adjoining states. GBFG arranged the necessary capital to move into several fast growing areas. We are now in twelve states and profitable. Their financial help, and above all advice and strategies, have us on the road to becoming a major player.

Robert Carney
Reliant Life and Accident, New Jersey

It was time for me to sell my polymer manufacturing business. GBFG memorialized our entire business operation and assisted our management team in presenting our proprietary formulas to any new buyers. They brought nine buyers to the table initially and narrowed it down to three buyers getting us the highest price on the sale.

Claudio Burton
Burton Polymer Labs, Georgia